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Why you would need to see a podiatrist

Most people don’t know what a podiatrist is and the types of service that they are offering. In most cases, they treat any conditions that involve the ankle and foot area. They address problems such as sports injuries, broken ankles, and even ingrown toenails. They will even treat joints, skin disorders, and get rid of ugly toenails.

In this article, we will provide some information that a podiatric would commonly deal with. So, if you have any of these issues, then you should consult a podiatrist in Perth.


This is a genetic structural deformity that is common in the fatty part of your big toe and index toe. They start at the joint and in time will form a bunion (swelling). You can treat it yourself if you catch it in time. Otherwise, it will grow all the way to your bone. This will cause a lot of pain when you step on that part of your foot. When it gets to the stage where it hurts to step on it, then you will have to visit the podiatrist and have them remove it.


cornsMost people that work on their feet for long hours of the day will get callus in which will sometimes turn into corns. This is very painful. In most cases, you can file the calluses off of your feet before it turns into a problem. With corns, you can not treat them on your own. You will have to visit the doctor and have it removed.

Heel Pain

The causes of this are also from being on your feet most of the time.
Arthritis and bone spurs are the most common things that will give you heel pain. What you can try to do, is go to the foot store and try to insert a heel and foot pad to give you more comfort. If a pad doesn’t help then most likely, you will have to undergo surgery.


ToenailsA podiatrist can tell a lot about a person’s health by the color of his or her toenails. Most cases are ingrown toenails, in which will get your attention and bring you in to see your doctor. This is very painful when the nail grows into the side of your toe. If this gets an infection, they may even have to remove the whole toenail. They will also help with the yellowish color and thickness of the toenails that you may have.

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