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Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

The heartburn is described by sharp, burning pain that shoots through the chest and rises to the throat. Acid reflux and heartburn are common problems that over 70% of adults suffer from. You can avoid being part of the statistic. It is unfortunate that most people struggle with these pains for many years. They usually strike at most inopportune times like at family dinners, on dates, and right before interviews. Fortunately, the following four remedies are safe and natural for relieving heartburn.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegarAs you know, vinegar is a weak acid with a pH of around 6. That helps with heartburn by lowering the pH of the stomach contents. In this way, it improves digestion and reduces pressure build-up that you want to avoid. Ideally, the pH of your stomach contents ought to be around 1-2 for proper digestion. It is a good idea to have acid levels that are stronger so that the food does not ferment in the stomach.

Lemon Juice

You should note that lemon juice has a pH level of about 2. That makes it stronger as compared to vinegar. Moreover, it contains an added boost of nutrients, particularly vitamin C. Thus, other than helping with heartburn, it contains a lot of nutrients than Apple Cider Vinegar. That explains why it is the best choice for fighting heartburn. Sometimes you may need to drink about two glasses of lemon juice to get the relief you need.

Betaine HCL

HCL is the primary component of stomach acid. It gets secreted from the cells in the lining of the stomach in response to drinking and eating. As a result of nutrient deficiencies, infections, getting older, and stress can make the stomach stop producing enough. That leads to the fermentation of food and pains. Ideally, this is the best remedy for people suffering from acid reflux.

Baking Soda

baking sodaYou will be surprised to learn that baking soda is a remedy for nearly everything. Well, it can be a remedy for heartburn. You should note that baking soda is a base, not an acid. When you drink some of it, you can neutralize the acid in the esophagus or stomach.

The good thing about baking soda is that it is non-toxic and helpful for athletes as they can train longer and harder. This method is not the best for dealing with acid reflux because it lowers the acid levels. However, in extreme situations where this is the only available method, it is an ideal solution.

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The Best Wheatgrass Juicers


Wheat-grass juice is a heavily loaded liquid supplement having more vitamin A than oranges and protein in the form of polypeptides, which are short chains of amino acids and hence very fast to digest. Like all other juices, it is best to make it yourself so that you get the fresh juice of the best quality, at your convenience.

Primarily, there are two types of juicers, manual and electrical. Each has its advantage. Irrespective of the category, we want to have the best juicer. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have a look at some of the best juicers available.

Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheat-grass Juicer

This simple and small juicer made up of steel is very durable, easy to assemble, use and dismantle and clean. It comes with a 5 year guarantee.


  • Wheat-grass JuicerComplete steel body means longer life and nontoxic interiors always.
  • Small, light and easy to operate and clean.
  • Can be used for grass, vegetables and even some organic products.


  • It has to be completely dismantled for cleaning.
  • Being small, it can get clogged if overloaded.

Miracle MJ445 Stainless Steel Manual Wheat-grass Juicer

It is very similar to the Handy Pantry Juicer. It can even be said that it is same but from a different manufacturer. So most of the pros and cons are also the same. It has just one year guarantee.

Z-Star Manual Juicer

This machine is much faster in producing juice than the above two, though may not be as strong as them. Its big size hopper makes it more convenient and faster. Like the above two, it does not produce any heat, and therefore the juice quality is better like for all the manual juicers.

Omega NC800

It is an electric masticating juicer, with a bigger and broader chute to allow more grass and verdant green at once. The juicer can be used for vegetables, verdant green etc in addition to grass. The 5 year warranty adds confidence in the customers’ minds.


  • Its bigger chute is a real time saver as more quantity of juice can be taken in lesser time.
  • Parts are easy to remove, clean and reassemble.


  • Plastic body and parts are not as strong as steel and are not as preferred by the consumers.
  • It is not as good for the softer fruits and vegetables.

Omega J8006

The framework has a high torque, and the motor speed is very less, thereby enhancing the juice quality. The unbelievable 15 year guarantee shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the juicer.


  • It is very easy to assemble, use, dismantle and clean.
  • The juice quality is so good that it can be kept for 3 days.
  • The double stage squeezing means no wastage of juice


  • The chute is a bit smaller than the other juicers.
  • The plastic parts have been reported to have broken on overloading sometimes.

Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

This machine can juice pretty much anything. The twin gear gives the operator the option to choose a slower speed for better juice quality or a faster speed for getting the juice faster.


  • Slow (110 RPM) speed entails lesser oxidation of the juice.
  • It can not only juice grass, vegetables, fruits, etc., but it can even be used for pasta making and homogenizing.
  • It is easy to carry and has a handle. This is normally not the case with electrical juicers.


  • Wheat-grass Juicer 2It is expensive, and most people will not therefore prefer it.
  • The small chute means that the user has to cut the item into small pieces and then use it.
  • It is slow and hence sometimes not preferred by a few people.


Wheat-grass gives a very highly nutritious juice, which is best had fresh. There are a lot of juicers available in the market. The best of them have been discussed in this article along with their pros and cons. It is hoped that this article is helpful for the health conscious people to select the right juicer to suit his/her needs.

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Why you would need to see a podiatrist

Most people don’t know what a podiatrist is and the types of service that they are offering. In most cases, they treat any conditions that involve the ankle and foot area. They address problems such as sports injuries, broken ankles, and even ingrown toenails. They will even treat joints, skin disorders, and get rid of ugly toenails.

In this article, we will provide some information that a podiatric would commonly deal with. So, if you have any of these issues, then you should consult a podiatrist in Perth.


This is a genetic structural deformity that is common in the fatty part of your big toe and index toe. They start at the joint and in time will form a bunion (swelling). You can treat it yourself if you catch it in time. Otherwise, it will grow all the way to your bone. This will cause a lot of pain when you step on that part of your foot. When it gets to the stage where it hurts to step on it, then you will have to visit the podiatrist and have them remove it.


cornsMost people that work on their feet for long hours of the day will get callus in which will sometimes turn into corns. This is very painful. In most cases, you can file the calluses off of your feet before it turns into a problem. With corns, you can not treat them on your own. You will have to visit the doctor and have it removed.

Heel Pain

The causes of this are also from being on your feet most of the time.
Arthritis and bone spurs are the most common things that will give you heel pain. What you can try to do, is go to the foot store and try to insert a heel and foot pad to give you more comfort. If a pad doesn’t help then most likely, you will have to undergo surgery.


ToenailsA podiatrist can tell a lot about a person’s health by the color of his or her toenails. Most cases are ingrown toenails, in which will get your attention and bring you in to see your doctor. This is very painful when the nail grows into the side of your toe. If this gets an infection, they may even have to remove the whole toenail. They will also help with the yellowish color and thickness of the toenails that you may have.

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Tips To Buying A Perfect Trampoline

If you want to buy a good trampoline, you will need to take sometimes if you do not want to regret later. Always remember that research is very critical in enabling people to make the right decision when it comes to buying any products. People who spend a good of their time in doing research before buying any product always make a decision that they do not regret. You also need to remember that getting different views from family members and friends whenever you want to buy trampoline is very recommendable. This is because these are the people who can provide you with first-hand information about the trampoline that you want to buy.

Factors to consider

trampolineWhen buying a trampoline, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration. Some of these factors are very instrumental in determining the lifespan and the quality of the trampoline. So if you need a product that will make you’re satisfied, you need to put all these factors into considerations.


When buying any product, you need to make sure that it is a product that will give you long services. It will be unwise if you buy a product and after a few days it is already worn-out. When it comes to the trampoline, it is good to make sure that the materials that are used are durable. If you find a trampoline that is made up of polyethylene, the best thing that you can do is to avoid it. This is because polyethylene is not UV resistant. This means that the UV light will always get a chance to quicken the deterioration process.

The price

Another important factor that you need to consider when you go to buy a trampoline is the price. First, you need to know your budget so that you do not spend more than you can afford. You also need to understand that the prices for trampoline vary tremendously. You will find out that there is cheap and expensive trampoline as well. So before buying one, it is good to always remember that you will always get what you pay for. If you are keen, you will realize that mostly, cheap trampoline has a lot of undesirable characteristics.


big trampolineDoes size matter? Well, the size of the trampoline is very important as it determines how you will be keeping your trampoline. Remember that when you buy a trampoline, you have a responsibility of ensuring its safety. This includes identifying the best site in your garden where you will have. You cannot find a good location if you do not put into consideration the measurement of the trampoline while buying it.

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Why Country Music Is Good For Your Health

Music is food for the soul. Different genres offer unique benefits to the listeners. If you have listened to country music before, you know how soothing and relaxing these songs can be. Country music is an old genre that originated from folk music and blues. The good thing about country music is that they are often associated with maturity and some message. This explains why country music charts 2012 and subsequent ones have attracted a huge list of followers. Here are some health benefits of listening to country music.

Curbs stress

If you are down and feeling stressed in man eating lemona way, a dose of country music can uplift your spirits. The slow nature of this music coupled with the mellow tunes from these bands make are bound to make your heart light without you noticing. This has the effect of helping you avoid stress and make the listener happy.

Helps you relax

It might seem pretty obvious when someone tells you that music is relaxing. However, this is partly true considering that there are some genres are make someone relax better than others. Pop and Jazz might not be the best genres if you want to relax. Instead, head for classic country music and see your blood pressure levels come down.

Reduces pain

When you are in deep pain, it might be time to play your favorite country hits. Music, especially classical music has been proven to increase the body’s tolerance to pain and anxiety. As such, instead of investing in painkillers, you might replace them with a dose of soothing country music.

Enhances creativity

Listening to music as you do something has the effect of enhancing your creativity. Medical finds have established that listening to music has the effect of improving the amounts of blood flowing into the brain. This has the effect of improving your problem-solving capacity and your creativity as well.

Improves your health

music playerAs stated above, listening to music enhances the flow of blood in your body. This has the effects of nourishing body organs and ensuring each gets adequate nutrients. As such, it improves your mental capacity, heart functions, and also leaves your skin looking attractive.

These are just some of the many benefits associated with listening to country music. As such, if you are not a fan of country music, you should consider listening to some country artists. This is not only for health reasons but for entertainment as well.

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Teeth Whitening Pens – Can They Restore Your Smile?


These days, teeth whitening is undoubtedly the most popular dental procedure. Our teeth can get easily stained from eating all kinds of foods, smoking, or drinking coffee. Therefore, many of us usually resort to teeth whitening to recapture that pearly white smile. While there are other treatments that utilize antibiotics and various medications, they are mostly avoided because they are known to sometimes lead to teeth discoloration. Nowadays, there are a plethora of various procedures and products that can help us whiten our teeth. One of the most popular and sought after products are certainly teeth whitening pens.

Teeth whitening pens

Teeth whitening pensThese small, handy devices are specially designed applicators whose main ingredient is a whitening gel. This gel commonly consists of a strong oxidizing compound, such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The main purpose of these agents is to break down and neutralize the stains and whiten teeth in the process.

The exact composition of each type of whitening pen differs from brand to brand. For example, some models contain a whitening liquid instead of a gel. However, all pens have one thing in common, and that is that their bleaching agents are formulated so as to easily reach all of the teeth areas where bacteria and stains frequently accumulate.

Do they work?

Now, you are probably wondering, do teeth whitening pens work? The short and simple answer is – Yes. There are millions of people, all around the world, who will readily testify to the simplicity and effectiveness of these small devices. Since these pens are highly effective, as well as very easy to use and convenient, more and more people are starting to see their usefulness.

As opposed to conventional teeth brushing, whitening pens can produce visible results in no more than two weeks. Despite the fact that popular toothpaste brands also contain whitening gels, they are still inferior to whitening pens, simply because they cannot reach certain areas of your mouth.

Maximizing the effectiveness

Now, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of a teeth whitening pen, make sure to use it after brushing your teeth. This way, you will effectively remove all the food particles and ensure the best results. When using the pen, make sure to apply the gel to each tooth. Once applied, the gel will quickly dry and form a thin film cover, to start the whitening process. Also, when using the pen, make sure to avoid getting the gel on your gums and lips, so as to prevent any chemical burns.

Extremely convenient and easy to use

 teeth whitening kitsOne of the biggest advantages of teeth whitening pens is their small size, ease of use, and convenience. You can easily carry one wherever you go. Also, the gel itself is fairly easy to apply. All you have to do is twist the pen’s bottom and fill the applicator. Last, but not least, these pens are also very affordable and readily available, both in stores and online.

If you are looking for an affordable, effective and simple solution for your stained teeth, look no further than teeth whitening pens. Even though various brands can wildly differ in their price points, their results are comparable. You can use them instead of teeth whitening toothpaste, strips or trays, and be sure that your teeth will stay pearly white and healthy.

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Different Types Of  Warts

Varying strains of HPV virus cause the growth of warts on the human body. Warts are distinguished based on their characteristics, shapes, color and location on the body. There are eight types of warts.

Common warts

woman on bed

They are also referred to as seed warts and appear as rough cauliflower-shaped growths. Common warts appear anywhere on the body surface such as on the face, on hands, on thighs among other areas. On hands, common warts can thicken to create bumps that are referred to as plaques and papules.

Plantar warts

This type of warts is common on feet soles, especially on heels and toes. They appear as hard thick skin patches that are as a result of growing back into the skin resulting in dark specs on the soles of the feet.

Plane warts or flat warts

Flat warts appear as smooth, round and are flat shaped. They appear as brownish and yellowish on the skin. They occur on the face, on the neck, on legs, and hands. Moreover, flat warts can appear as a single wart or appear as multiple warts.

Mosaic warts

This type of warts represents a cluster of plantar warts that appear in a small area. This is as a result of warts remaining untreated such that they increase in size spreading to other warts thereby forming a large group that occurs on the feet’s sole.

Filiform warts

These are facial warts also referred to as digitate warts. They are benign in nature and can appear as a group or as an individual wart. They appear as long threads that are flesh colored and are projected on the skin’s surface. They commonly appear on eyelids, on lips, under armpits or on the neck’s base. To some extent, filiform warts can be painful and have mild itching and may bleed from irritation.

Periungal warts

They are also referred to as subungual warts and are commonly seen around or under the fingernail or toenails. They are rigid with cauliflower-like structures. They are particularly very painful especially when pressure is exerted on them. This type of wart may result to damaging of the nail due to their location.

Oral warts

This type of warts appears as abnormal bumps on lips, on the tongue, on the throat, inside cheeks, on the gums among other parts of the oral cavity. They can be very painful since they are lesions and have a rough surface.

Genital warts

Genital warts

This is probably the most common type of wart and appears on the private parts of both in female and males. They appear on the penis, upper thighs or the scrotum in men and on the vulva, inside the vagina, on the cervix or the anal area and in the upper thighs in women. They have a cauliflower outlook and mostly appear as a cluster.




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Key Points To Consider When Buying A New Mattress

Before buying a new mattress, there are some factors to consider. This article will outline some of them.

Buying a new mattress

Know when you need a new mattress

mattressDid you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed? This clearly explains the need to replace a mattress from time to time. Below are some signs that indicate you should get a new mattress, spring popping, sagging, lumpiness, and shagginess. If your mattress is not firm, your body will not be getting the support it needs while sleeping. This will result in physical discomfort and restless nights. With a record of how long you have used the mattress and how the level of comfort is changing, you will know when to buy a new one.


Research is a must before the purchase of a new mattress. Thanks to the technology you can get information on the best brands from online sources. You can as well get information on the same from friends, workmates, and family. First-hand information is always the best and valuable when making a buying decision.

Lie on the mattress

Do not shy lying on the mattress for a while during shopping. Take around fifteen minutes to try out different mattresses in the store. On the trying process, sit up, lie still, turn around, move up to feel if the mattress suits your needs. This cannot off course reflects a whole night’s sleep, but it gives you a rough idea. Do not be in a hurry, choosing the right mattress takes time.


Do not assume that a double bed will be enough for you and your spouse. There are other factors to consider, like, are you two big sized, do you sleep with legs and arms all over the spread. With such characters, king size bed will be the best for you. Discuss and explain all your sleeping needs to the sales attendant for advice on size.

Warranties, guarantees, and return policies

new mattress Deciding if the mattress bought is the best for you takes more than a two-minute roll in the store. It might even take some nights before deciding if the mattress is best for you. Sellers allow customers return mattress or exchange as long as they meet the stipulated terms and conditions. Get the terms clear from the sales department.

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How To Achieve A Healthy Body Through Exercise The Easy Way.

Exercise is a good way to achieve a healthy body. It is also a good way to keep you relaxed and happy. It is important to know that you should alternate different types of exercise to ensure that your whole body gets the attention it requires. Below are some of tips and workout routines that will help you exercise and keep your body healthy very easy.

Tips to exercising

Put on the right attire

attireDuring exercise, you should wear clothes that do not restrict movement and blood flow. Avoid too tight clothes and mostly around your joints. The material making the clothing should be one that breathes well because a lot of sweating is experienced during exercise. Make sure you acquire clothes specifically designed for exercise.


Take in a lot of water before you start exercising. Water is needed to help your muscles work and also enable you to sweat. The feeling you get after working out when you are dehydrated is really bad.

Consult with your doctor first

Before taking up some workouts, it is important to check out with your doctor first. Exercise yes are for good health, but you should know what to avoid, all exercises are not good for everybody. The result of exercise should be making you feel healthy not hurt. If you have medical conditions like asthma, kidney, hurt of liver diseases, consult with your doctor before taking up any exercise. If you notice negative effects like dizziness or pain after a certain type of exercise, it is important that you see the doctor too.

Workout routines

Walk up and down stairs

Climbing stairs are the best ways to keep your heart rate high. The actual stairs can be used, or you can go for a stair machine used in the gym. This exercise improves leg and butt muscles. If you are climbing normal stairs be careful so as not to fall and hurt yourself.

Jog and walk

Jogging and walking around keeps your heart rate up. Most people have an issue with jogging at the knee but then walking is a great substitute that can be used by all comfortably. Studies have shown that walking for about an hour daily helps you maintain weight and also frees you from diseases like obesity and hypertension.

Go swimming

swimmingMany people go out swimming for fun, but it is a great way of exercising. It works out on different muscles depending on the swimming style. It is recommended for people with joint problems or the overweight because it strains the skeleton and increases the heart rate too.

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